Select Page is a new type of free social network with an integrated marketplace that allows you to make money sharing fun content, or listing products, services or even paid or free events. While you can share personal content, news articles or just about anything for fun and profit, the marketplace allows practically anyone to sell anything at any time from anywhere.

“Real People, Real Answers”

You can also find all kinds of fun free events, charity events and fund raisers from some of your favorite celebrities. The major difference between us and anything else out there, is that we share 50% of all revenues back with our users who created and shared that content, no matter how that revenue is generated.

The average person spends 2 and a half hours a day creating and sharing content for social networks. Yet these large companies take that content and publish it and make billions without ever paying the average user. Yes, some large internet influencers can make a living, but the average person is not paid for their time.  If we owned a news outlet and we had journalists spend 2 and half hours every day creating content for us and didn’t pay them, we would soon find ourselves in trouble for worker exploitation. Yet that is the current business model of most large social networks.

KeepOnSharing is different. We value your time.

“You’re not just our customer, you’re our partner!”

Go Live

Look at what is happening around the world on the live Events section! Try something new, a cooking class, live yoga, maybe a martial arts lesson!


List Products, Services or even Events on our Auction House. It can be your business or just some fun items around the house.


Set your own price on your schedule and offer to answer questions from your own experiences with the Services section.

How do I get paid?

People can set their own prices with a minimum of $20 usd / hour billed at 15 minute increments ($5 min).

Providers get paid between 80% – 95% of the price listed.

The 5% – 20% commission is split evenly

* 50% goes to Referrals
* 50% goes to the Company

Regardless of how you found out about KeepOnSharing you will get paid when anyone you refer buys or sells anything on KeepOnSharing. You also get paid for anyone you refer or they refer and so on, buys or sells anything.


Community Focused. At the top of all referral lines is the …

KeepOnSharing Charity Account

This means every single transaction puts money directly back into the community!

This charity account is not only shared equally with all referral lines, but is also designated originally as the main referral for any person who registers with the website without a referral. This account is used to donate to other charities, individuals and scholarships just to name a few. It’s intended to be cleared out annually for the sole benefit of the community.

I’m a personal trainer.
What should I do?

 Create Referral Invite

1 – List your classes in the Events page! Have a laptop or iPad on during your regular classes and treat those who come virtually just as you would any other  student. It costs nothing and if people come, it’s just extra money to you.


2 – Use the “Referral Invite” link to the left, and invite your current students to sign up. It costs nothing, but if they ever take another class or lesson with anyone else for any reason, you’ll still get paid!!

But I sell on another website …
What should I do?

 Create Referral Invite

1 – Keep selling on the other site, BUT also list your services here as well. Since it doesn’t cost anything, KeepOnSharing will only add possible new customers for you.


2 – Use the “Referral Invite” link to the left, and invite your current customers to KeepOnSharing as well. It costs nothing, but if they ever take another class or lesson with anyone else for any reason, you’ll still get paid!!

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